We all knew this was coming. Every good game has to have a zombie level. It’s absolutely crucial (for whatever reason) to include at least a few improbable levels in which your character mows down countless zombies for no other purpose really than to kill that many zombies. Borderlands impresses me, once again, not for its gameplay, but for its humorous outlook and use of satire. For instance, the game designers make a joke of using Dr. Zed’s profile from the original game, and transforming him to Dr. Ned (his “evil” twin, sporting a mustache and no other alterations). Dr. Ned makes references to his “good” twin brother and provides constant humorous dialogue, i.e. “Am I crazy? Maybe. But at least I don’t make popcorn when some people are trying to work!” and “I’d offer to double [what they’re paying you], but I spent every cent I had on finding recreational uses for the undead.” The plotline, of course, is laughably predictable, since you pretty much know from the start that Dr. Ned really created the zombies, the wereskags, and all the manner of “spooky” creatures you fight in these levels. Eventually you kill Dr. Ned only to have him come back to life, only for you to kill him again,at a slightly higher difficulty
All and all the add on was an amusing distraction, but I feel that I wasn’t challenged enough and that the

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