The Infinite Weapons Loophole

While playing Borderlands, I came across an interesting loophole in the game structure entirely by accident. It’s a shame, since it renders half of the major motivations for the player to continue playing the game completely pointless. One of the built in motivations in the game is the random weapons generator. After having this system set up, the weapons generator makes it virtually impossible to end up with a perfect combinations of weapons in your arsenal. this motivates you to spend countless hours looking for box after box of randomly generated weapon combinations to look for your personal ideal weapons. Normally, you would have to simply play through the game in order to find these weapons, but due to a loophole I have exploited, I no longer have to run through all of the pointless exercises the game puts in front of me to reach those boxes. After beating the addition of the ClapTrap Robolution, the final level contains a room full of weapons boxes that you are allowed to pillage after beating the game the first time. The interesting thing is, that after beating the add on once, every time you reload the game and respawn inside the add on, all of the random boxes will magically reload with all of the new weapons inside for the grabbing. This opens up new questions for me on how motivated I am to keep on playing this game. The only purpose that remains, as far as objectives are concerned, is levelling up. So what I do now? I feel as if that question will be answered in the nearby future. for now, I am content to exploit this loophole to the maximum. So far, I haven’t found a single weapon that I’m willing to replace mine with, but oin the meantime, I’m making a killing selling all the weapons I’ve collected.

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