Interesting Gameplay

Gameplay has been in a sort of stasis for a period of the 90’s to early 2000’s. Gameplay has remained virtually the same over these decades, with little to no change in video games, with exception of better graphics (which is always directly correlated with hardware improvement). During this time frame, you had 1st person shooters, RPGs, platformng games, sports games, strategy games and puzzle games. Only now are video game companies really pushing the envelope for artistic representation, concepts delivered through the actual game play, and other ways to convey real understanding of design. Duke Nukem, GTA, Techmo Superbowl, Serious Sam, Halo, Call of Duty,
Burnout, Final Fantasy, and the other games are really just build ons to concepts already out there. (open sandbox, 1st person, 3rd person perspectives, new weapons, better info, better simulation) These haven’t changed the way people view video games (from the outside or the inside). Video games are still hailed as a technological novelty, as opposed to an art form, (as film, digital music generation, 3d “light” art, etc. have been understood to be). This, I believe, is due to using outdated concepts and objectives that have been present in video games from the very beginning (complete quests, “beat” the bad guys, win the race, etc.). Now, video games are coming out that challenge the way we think, and use a digital format to illustrate to us concepts that would be difficult to render otherwise. Braid, Company of myself, Harold, Last Chance, Portal, Everyday a Dream, Flower, and other new, low budget video games are pushing the limits on how we look at video games and their logic. It’s not just some random computer code that gives us the novelty of certain simulations. Video games are an entirely new medium through which art can represent itself. The least we can do is learn how to respect this new emerging art form, and recognise it for its potential, because right now, we are in the “cave painting” phase of this human project.

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