Graphics vs. Gameplay: Why Nintendo outsells Xbox and the Ps3

When you talk to the average hard core gamer, you probably hear a lot of talk about graphics in video games. but most gamers are far from hard core, since video games are far more accessible today as they were decades ago. Now there are gamers of every type, and it seems pretty clear from how they’re selling that the bouncy, low graphics video games are taking the market due to innovative game play. The Wii far outsells the PS3 and the Xbox, and the Nintendo DS outsells all of them as well as the PSP. The difference as far as my perspective is accessibility and innovative game play, as opposed to hardware acceleration and graphics drivers. the innovative control systems of Nintendo, (i.e. the Wii-mote, Wiibalance, the Wiiboard, etc) are different from anything the other gaming consoles have. The other consoles are catching on, but they will never capture that original concept of simplicity and accessibility that the Nintendo developers embraced from the very beginning. The closest thing right now is the PSP go. But the PSP go has the issue of consisting entirely of downloaded data, which you pay for, which feels like buying something immaterial for many gamers, or paying to borrow something that can be taken away. The PSP lite, on the other hand, has the issue of UMD discs being just a bit too bulky for convenient carry. The Nintendo DS still has the niche on portable gaming, and the Wii holds the niche on accessible home gaming.

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